How to check remaining free SMS balance in your mobile network

Following are the latest USSD codes to check out the remaining free SMS balance in your mobile network including all major network operators BSNL, Reliance, Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, Tata Docomo and Aircel. Dial the USSD code respective to your mobile operator by referring the table below to know the remaining free SMS count and balance.

List of USSD codes to check Free SMS balance in your Network

Mobile Network

USSD Code to Check free SMS balance

Dial *125# to check free SMS balance in BSNL

Dial *555#  or *777# to check remaining free SMS balance in Airtel

Dial *141*1# to know remaining SMS balance in Vodafone India

Dial *123# to check free SMS pack balance in aircel network

Dial *222*2# from your mobile to know free SMS balance in Uninor

Dial *191*9*3# to know SMS pack balance in T24 mobile.

Dial *367*2# to check remaining free SMS pack balance in reliance GSM
Idea cellular

Dial *451# or *161*1# to Check free SMS balance in Idea mobile network
Tata Docomo

Dial *191*9*3# to know remaining free SMS balance count in Tata Docomo

The above USSD codes for checking free SMS balance are applicable in all states including Assam, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh ,Rajasthan, Kerala, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Delhi, Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Bihar West Bengal, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand and Jammu and Kashmir.

Note: We have tried to provide you the above USSD codes as accurate as possible. In certain cases the above USSD codes may not work in your state as mobile operator uses separate USSD codes for providing the same service. If the above USSD code doesn’t works, we request you to contact your mobile operator’s customer care to solve the problem and we request you to share us the updated USSD code if the above code is expired. Feel free to comment below for queries and suggestions.

How to fix Low Ram and Overheating problem in your Smartphone

In this article I will help you to solve two common problems faced by the smartphone users while using their smartphone. The most two important problems faced by them are low RAM for running applications and heating of processor and battery. Following are the simple steps that can be followed by any person who has some basic knowledge in android that will help to solve low RAM and heating problems in their smartphone.
Low RAM & heating in smartphone

Update your Smartphone
Regular updates in your smartphone will fix specific issues like overheating, low RAM, App crashes and other problems faced by the user in the current version of their smartphone. In-addition software update may include many more features which enhance user experience and performance. So don’t forget to make sure that your Smartphone is Up-to-date.

Under clock Processor performance
Under-clocking Processor performance means limiting or lowering down the performance of processor below its maximum capacity. Smartphones usually heats up when the processor performance is at its peak level. Therefore lowering the processor performance will help us to solve the overheating problem to a great extend. There are so many third party apps are available in the Google Play-store which assists to control processor performance.

Uninstall unused pre-installed apps and widgets
Many of the handsets already come with lots of pre-installed apps and widgets and majority of these apps are not used by us. So it is a good idea to uninstall all unused pre-installed apps which comes as a bundled package as part of the Smartphone. Another option is to disable background running of apps which is not at all important to us. Both of these steps will increase RAM memory and reduce heating problem faced by us.

Turnoff GPS while not in use
GPS consumes lots of power and eats CPU energy and performance. So it is suggested that to turn off GPS and navigation function when it is not in use. This will saves your battery life and maximize smartphone performance in terms of RAM memory and CPU performance. .

Avoid heavy gaming and heavy streaming of Videos for long a time
Playing high end graphic games and long streaming of  HD videos will consumes lots of processor power which leads to draining of battery and overheating of smartphone. So reduce continues playing of high end games and streaming videos for long time. Don’t forget that the main purpose of a mobile phone is communication.

Take care while charging your smartphone
Don’t use your smartphone while charging. Make sure that your chargers and batteries are genuine and provided by the smartphone company. These measures will   increase Smartphone’s battery life and also reduces heating tendency of the smartphone.

I hope that the above steps will be help to you to solve low RAM and heating problem in your smartphone to a great extend. If the problem still persists please contact your smartphone customer care or approach nearest service center. Please share your views and suggestions in the comment section below. Thank You J

How to Check 3G data and SMS balance in reliance GSM

Learn how to find out free internet data balance and remaining free SMS in your reliance mobile and also learn how to check your main account balance and validity in reliance GSM. Following are the different methods to check your reliance mobile balance and validity.

How to check Reliance GSM 3G internet data balance and Validity

How to check reliance SMS and internet data  balance

     1)      First method: Dial the USSD code *111*1*1*3# to check your GPRS / 3G /4G internet data balance and validity from your reliance mobile.

     2)      Second method: You can also check your  free data balance and validity from  reliance GSM  by sending SMS in the following format

              Send SMS “MBAL” to 55333

You will receive a reply message from Reliance showing your internet data balance and validity.


How to check free SMS Balance in Reliance GSM

Dial USSD code *367*2#   form your reliance mobile to know your remaining free SMS balance and validity.

How to check Reliance Main account balance from your mobile

To check your main account balance and validity dial USSD code *367# form your reliance mobile. You can also check your Reliance GSM main account balance and validity by sending SMS in the following format

Send “SMS” BAL “to 55333

You will receive a SMS shortly by showing your main account balance and validity.

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How to use official version of whatsapp on Google chrome

Whatsapp has now officially released their most awaited web version of their chat application to compete with other IM apps in the market. Currently Whatsapp PC supports only Google chrome browser and other browsers are not supported. Below are the steps to be followed to use whatsapp on Google chrome.

Whatsapp PC

1)Install Latest version of whatsapp on your smartphone or update your current version of whatsapp to its latest version.

2)Open the Google chrome browser on your PC and enter the URL on its address bar .Now whatsapp home screen with QR code will appear on chrome browser.

3)Open whatsapp on your smartphone and go through the below menu to open QR code scanner -
  • Android smartphone - Whatsapp > menu >whatsapp web
  • Windows Smartphone - Whatsapp > menu > whatsapp web
  • Blackberry Mobile – Whatsapp > chats>menu key> Whatsapp web

4)Point bar code scanner towards the QR code seen on chrome browser on your PC. You are done. Now whatsapp screen will appear on your browser. Enjoy whatsapp on PC.

Pros of Whatsapp on PC
·         Simple user interface and easy to use
·         No unnecessary Ads on Whatsapp web like facebook
·         You will be able to download media file directly to your PC.
·         Highly secured connection compared to android emulators.

Cons of Whatsapp on PC
·         No login option is available and requires whatsapp QR scanner to login into whatsapp PC
·         Simultaneous internet connection is requires on both PC and smartphone.
·         Currently whatsapp on PC supports only Google chrome and browsers like Firefox, Safari etc will not be supported.
·         Some mobile features like sharing contacts, maps, block users, create groups etc are not supported in whatsapp PC.

That’s all. What is your opinion about this new feature introduced by whatsapp? Is this update really helpful?  Share your views and opinions by commenting below. Keep reading

All Latest Reliance USSD codes and SMS Codes List

Check out the latest USSD codes and SMS commands of Reliance GSM for checking 3G balance, SMS balance, Activating various services like missed call alert, VAS,GPRS,3G etc. Read on this post for all important USSD codes and SMS Codes.

Reliance GSM USSD Codes

Reliance GSM USSD codes 

Reliance USSD code to check main balance

*367#  or  *333*1*1*1#
Reliance USSD code to recharge your mobile number
USSD code to activate caller tunes in Reliance GSM

*999#  or *333*1*1#
Reliance USSD code to check data balance and validity
USSD code to check last recharge transaction

USSD code to check VAS balance

Reliance USSD code to check free SMS balance and local call balance

USSD code to check special offers

Reliance USSD code to check GPRS balance

Reliance GSM USSD code to check local calling minute Balance

USSD code to activate missed call alert on reliance GSM

USSD code to deactivate Missed call alert

Important: USSD codes may vary from circle to circle. Some of the above codes may not work in your telecom circle.

Reliance GSM SMS Codes

Reliance SMS code to check balance

SMS BAL to 55333
Reliance SMS code to check Data balance

SMS MBAL to 55333
Reliance SMS code for GPRS settings

SMS ALL to 55100
SMS code to Subscribe to VAS

SMS start to 121
Reliance SMS code to check special offers

SMS Offers to 55333
Recharge Reliance Mobile

Call 58401 and enter 14 digit pin number
Disclaimer: We have taken all efforts to keep the above information accurate as possible. We shall not be liable for any damages caused to you for using this Codes and Commands. If you found any errors or inactive codes please inform us by commenting below. Your suggestions and comments will be greatly appreciated.

How to activate 3G in Reliance GSM

If you are reliance GSM customer you should learn how to activate 3g in your reliance mobile/ dongle. This article will teaches you five different methods to activate 3g in your reliance handset. This article also includes latest reliance GSM APN settings for manual 3G configuration. Following are the five methods of 3G activation in reliance GSM.
Reliance 3G and APN activation

Method 1: Activate Reliance 3G by sending SMS

To activate Reliance 3G service by SMS in your reliance GSM
Send SMS   ‘ACT 3G’ to 121
Save the 3G settings you receive along with reply SMS and start enjoying reliance 3G in your mobile.

Method 2: Activate 3G by calling Reliance GSM Customer care
You can also call to Reliance GSM customer care number 1800 100 3333 to activate 3G in your mobile. For that call to reliance customer care number and intimate your requirement to reliance customer care official. They will proceed your request as soon as possible.

Method 3: Activate 3G by Sending Email to Reliance customer care
Send an email to reliance customer care with your mobile number and other contact details intimating your requirement i.e. 3G activation. Your 3G will be activated within hours of sending request via email. Reliance GSM Email ID:

Method 4: Activate Reliance 3G by filling online application form
You can you also activate reliance GSM 3G by filling up online application form available in reliance communication official website: Click here to fill up online application for 3g activation

Method 5: Activate Reliance 3G by manual APN settings
If all of the above method fails, don’t worry. You can activate 3G service manually by editing your smartphones APN setting in it. For enabling 3g settings, go to your smartphones APN settings in the menu section and enter the following details in their respective fields and leave the other field’s blank (unedited).Save the APN settings and restart your mobile phone in order to fully activate 3G service in your device.

Reliance GSM APN settings

Name of operator

Reliance GSM
APN (Access Point Name)

rcomnet /smartnet

User Name

(Don’t edit this field)

(Don’t edit this field)
Access Number

(Don’t edit this field)

Server Port

Proxy /Server Address

MCC Code

MNC code
Click here to know your operator’s MNC code

Please do not make any changes in the other fields of APN settings. If you have any query please feel free to ask us by commenting below.

Tata Docomo 3G activation and APN settings

Tata Docomo is the one of the most popular 3G service provider in India offers 3G data at stunning speed and cheaper rates. Personally I am also using Tata Docomo 3G and their service is awesome. This article will teaches you to activate Docomo 3G in your smartphone along with APN settings for manual 3G configuration if automatic method fails. This article also provides you the list of all latest Tata Docomo 3G packs as additional information for your future reference.
How to activate 3G in Tata Docomo

How to activate 3G in Tata Docomo

Please follow the following steps to activate 3G in your Tata Docomo connection
  1. Open the SMS box on your mobile
  2. Compose New message
  3. Enter the text  ‘3G LIFE’ in the message box
  4. Send the message to 53333
  5. You will receive a confirmation message after sending SMS in the above format
  6. Save the setting that you have received with the confirmation message

How to deactivate 3G in Tata Docomo
To deactivate 3G in Tata Docomo mobile send SMS - ‘STOP 3G’ to 5333

 How to activate 2G GPRS in Tata Docomo  
To activate 2G /GPRS in your Tata Docomo mobile – Send SMS ‘INTERNET’ to 52270 and follow the above instructions same as 3G activation.

How to activate 2G/GPRS in Tata Docomo connection
To convert your Tata Docomo 2G to 3G send SMS 3G LIFE to 53333 or follow the first step given in this blog post.

Tata Docomo manual 3G settings (APN settings)

If the above method doesn't work you can also activate Tata Docomo 3G service manually by accessing your Smartphone’s APN settings. To open APN settings in your smartphone Please follow the given root map.

APN for Windows Smartphone– Menu > Settings> Mobile+ SIM > SIM 1 settings > Edit APN

APN for Android Users ­­­­­­­­­­­– Settings > Wireless and Networks > Mobile Networks > Access Point Name

After opening the APN settings in your smartphone, enter the following details in their respective fields without any mistake and save the APN settings. Restart your smartphone and start enjoying Tata Docomo 3G services.

Tata Docomo APN settings 

Name of operator

Tata Docomo
APN (Access Point Name)


User Name

(Leave this field blank)

(Leave this field blank)
Access Number


Server Port

Proxy /Server URL Address

MCC Code

MNC code
Click here to know your operator’s MNC code

Please do not make any changes in the other fields of APN settings. If you have any query please feel free to ask us by commenting below.

Tata Docomo 3G data Packs and plans

3G Benefit
Validity (Days)
40 MB 3G data
80 MB 3G data
175 MB 3G data
300 MB 3G data
600 MB 3G data
1.5 GB 3G data
2.5 GB 3G data
3.5 GB 3G data
The above 3g pack is based on Kerala circle. It may vary on your telecom circle. For more details on 3G plans and offers please visit Tata Docomo official website-

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