How to activate 3G in Reliance GSM

If you are reliance GSM customer you should learn how to activate 3g in your reliance mobile/ dongle. This article will teaches you five different methods to activate 3g in your reliance handset. This article also includes latest reliance GSM APN settings for manual 3G configuration. Following are the five methods of 3G activation in reliance GSM.
Reliance 3G and APN activation

Method 1: Activate Reliance 3G by sending SMS

To activate Reliance 3G service by SMS in your reliance GSM
Send SMS   ‘ACT 3G’ to 121
Save the 3G settings you receive along with reply SMS and start enjoying reliance 3G in your mobile.

Method 2: Activate 3G by calling Reliance GSM Customer care
You can also call to Reliance GSM customer care number 1800 100 3333 to activate 3G in your mobile. For that call to reliance customer care number and intimate your requirement to reliance customer care official. They will proceed your request as soon as possible.

Method 3: Activate 3G by Sending Email to Reliance customer care
Send an email to reliance customer care with your mobile number and other contact details intimating your requirement i.e. 3G activation. Your 3G will be activated within hours of sending request via email. Reliance GSM Email ID:

Method 4: Activate Reliance 3G by filling online application form
You can you also activate reliance GSM 3G by filling up online application form available in reliance communication official website: Click here to fill up online application for 3g activation

Method 5: Activate Reliance 3G by manual APN settings
If all of the above method fails, don’t worry. You can activate 3G service manually by editing your smartphones APN setting in it. For enabling 3g settings, go to your smartphones APN settings in the menu section and enter the following details in their respective fields and leave the other field’s blank (unedited).Save the APN settings and restart your mobile phone in order to fully activate 3G service in your device.

Reliance GSM APN settings

Name of operator

Reliance GSM
APN (Access Point Name)

rcomnet /smartnet

User Name

(Don’t edit this field)

(Don’t edit this field)
Access Number

(Don’t edit this field)

Server Port

Proxy /Server Address

MCC Code

MNC code
Click here to know your operator’s MNC code

Please do not make any changes in the other fields of APN settings. If you have any query please feel free to ask us by commenting below.


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