How to fix Low Ram and Overheating problem in your Smartphone

In this article I will help you to solve two common problems faced by the smartphone users while using their smartphone. The most two important problems faced by them are low RAM for running applications and heating of processor and battery. Following are the simple steps that can be followed by any person who has some basic knowledge in android that will help to solve low RAM and heating problems in their smartphone.
Low RAM & heating in smartphone

Update your Smartphone
Regular updates in your smartphone will fix specific issues like overheating, low RAM, App crashes and other problems faced by the user in the current version of their smartphone. In-addition software update may include many more features which enhance user experience and performance. So don’t forget to make sure that your Smartphone is Up-to-date.

Under clock Processor performance
Under-clocking Processor performance means limiting or lowering down the performance of processor below its maximum capacity. Smartphones usually heats up when the processor performance is at its peak level. Therefore lowering the processor performance will help us to solve the overheating problem to a great extend. There are so many third party apps are available in the Google Play-store which assists to control processor performance.

Uninstall unused pre-installed apps and widgets
Many of the handsets already come with lots of pre-installed apps and widgets and majority of these apps are not used by us. So it is a good idea to uninstall all unused pre-installed apps which comes as a bundled package as part of the Smartphone. Another option is to disable background running of apps which is not at all important to us. Both of these steps will increase RAM memory and reduce heating problem faced by us.

Turnoff GPS while not in use
GPS consumes lots of power and eats CPU energy and performance. So it is suggested that to turn off GPS and navigation function when it is not in use. This will saves your battery life and maximize smartphone performance in terms of RAM memory and CPU performance. .

Avoid heavy gaming and heavy streaming of Videos for long a time
Playing high end graphic games and long streaming of  HD videos will consumes lots of processor power which leads to draining of battery and overheating of smartphone. So reduce continues playing of high end games and streaming videos for long time. Don’t forget that the main purpose of a mobile phone is communication.

Take care while charging your smartphone
Don’t use your smartphone while charging. Make sure that your chargers and batteries are genuine and provided by the smartphone company. These measures will   increase Smartphone’s battery life and also reduces heating tendency of the smartphone.

I hope that the above steps will be help to you to solve low RAM and heating problem in your smartphone to a great extend. If the problem still persists please contact your smartphone customer care or approach nearest service center. Please share your views and suggestions in the comment section below. Thank You J


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