How to activate 3G in aircel

Aircel is one the major telecom operator which provides you 3G services at very cheaper rate compared to other network giants. In Tamil Nadu Aircel 1GB 3G data plan costs only Rs.155 compared to a higher  rate of Rs.255 in other major networks like Vodafone, airtel etc. Read on the following article to know how to activate and deactivate 3G in aircel, how to convert aircel 2G to 3G and also how to activate 2G GPRS in aircel network.
Activate in 3G aircel

Steps to activate 3G in Aircel

First of all you have to confirm that 3G is available in your area. For that you have to send a SMS in their following format to 121.

SMS check COVERAGE 3G to 121 for checking 3G coverage in your locality.

SMS CHECK 3G TO 121 for checking handset compatibility

Completing all the above steps just send SMS to 121 in the following format :   

 SMS START 3G to 121

After sending the above SMS you will receive a message from aircel confirming 3G activation on your mobile. Save the setting that you receive along with the SMS and start enjoying 3G Service.

How to deactivate 3G service in aircel

If you don't want to enjoy aircel 3G services or not satisfied with aircel 3G ,you can simply deactivate 3G by sending SMS to aircel customer care in the following format

SMS STOP 3G to 121

How convert 2G to 3G in Aircel

To upgrade current aircel 2G GPRS to new stunning aircel 3G, Just send SMS in the following format to aircel customer care.
SMS START 3G to 121

How activate GPRS in aircel mobile

To activate GPRS service in aircel, send SMS in the following format -

SMS GPRS to 121 OR SMS PI to 121

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