Vodafone India USSD codes {UPDATED}

Following are the list of all Vodafone USSD codes and SMS commands for checking various account balances like 3G balance, SMS balance, main balance etc and activating various packs like night calling packs, STD packs, activating 3G services and more. Read on to know all Important Vodafone USSD codes and SMS commands.

vodafone USSD codes

Vodafone USSD codes 

USSD code

USSD code to check main account balance

To check validity of your Vodafone number

*157#  or *141*1#
USSD code to check SMS balance

To check 2G/3G internet balance

To check Vodafone data card balance

To check best Vodafone offers

*156#  or *141*2#
To check Vodafone to Vodafone free minutes

*121*0#  or *111*2#
 USSD code to check your own Vodafone number

Check last 3 recharges

Vodafone USSD code to check free local minutes

To activate low balance services

Vodafone delights

Check balance and expiry of Night pack

Check last  3 calls

USSD code to check last 3 debit charges

To check your call balance

Vodafone USSD code to check STD balance and expiry

Vodafone SMS commands

SMS Text
GPRS to 144
To check GPRS balance

ACT 3G to 144
Activate 3G of prepaid customers

ACT 3G to 111
Activate 3G for postpaid customers

START DND to 1909
To activate DND service

VL to 144
For getting configuration message

Vodafone USSD codes for activating 2G & 3G data plans

USSD code
To activate 1 day 2G pack

To activate 20 MB one day 3G pack

To activate 3 days 2G pack

Vodafone USSD code for 7 days GPRS pack

To activate 15 days 2G data

USSD code to activate 30 days 2G pack

Vodafone USSD code to activate 5 GB 3G PACK with one month validity.

Important Note: We have taken all the efforts to keep the above information accurate as possible. If you found any errors or inactive codes please inform us by commenting below. Your suggestions and comments will be greatly appreciated.

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